IBM Information Matters Flash Book


Local government is under pressure to make cost reductions while improving public services. This challenge is made harder with different systems not always working in harmony. Information Matters is a government strategy aimed at helping local authorities manage their information more securely and efficiently.

IBM were looking for a way to show how their solution could support the Information Matters initiative and, by being modular, be added to existing IT investments in cost effective phases.


Our solution was to create a Flash based interactive book. The Flash book carefully explained IBM’s response to the Information Matters initiative and how its solution would help local authorities address the problems they may face in easy to understand, bite size chunks. The Flash book medium allowed the viewer to interact and access the information most relevant to them. As well as containing animations that show how the solution works, the book also contained a number of resources to encourage the viewer to research further.

With embedded tracking, the Flash book allowed IBM to see what viewers were looking at, as well as the resources they had downloaded.


The Flash book has helped IBM to demonstrate how their solution can help local authorities adhere to the Information Matters government strategy. The books success has led to the creation of a generic version that can be used as a guide for other business sectors.

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