IBM LinkedIn Groups


Two LinkedIn groups were set up by IBM, targeting a midmarket audience. Group growth rates were low and little conversations or interactions were happening within the groups.

We were given the challenge to grow the existing LinkedIn groups, drive group conversations and interactions, generate leads and portray IBM as a thought leader in the areas such as cloud, big data, security and analytics.


The group descriptions were rewritten, group objectives agreed and specialised group moderators, well known within the IT industry, were assigned to the groups.

A database of group members was manually built and a recruitment plan put in place comprising of personal emails, promotion within relevant LinkedIn groups, tweets by key influencers, mention of LinkedIn groups at events and some supporting telemarketing.


IT Perspectives and MSP Forum has experienced week-on-week average growth rates of over 100%, becoming an invaluable resource for end customers, partners and IBM. An additional 2 groups were launched in August 2013 with combined membership of all 4 groups currently standing at 4,400 members.

In Q2,2103

  • Over 50 original articles were written by a selection of well-known IT journalists
  • 300+ comments were posted by group members
  • 100+ conversations were started by group moderators
  • 12+ ROI reports produced
  • IBM
  • Sky
  • Three
  • Yell
  • LexisNexis
  • Prudential
  • Lenovo
  • Basware
  • Ubisense
  • BBC Worldwide
  • BBC Worldwide
  • BBC Worldwide
  • BBC Worldwide
  • BBC Worldwide
  • BBC Worldwide