IBM Solution Store


IBM have an extensive network of resellers and business partners who sell IBM products and services. It was important for IBM to support this network so they launched an extensive support initiative which included: access to financing, training support, a business acquisition drive through co-op funding and the creation of a digital space to help introduce business to business support and help bring together IBM customers and partners looking for solutions.


IBM approached us to help them realise the concept of a digital space into a flexible and agile sales and community portal for channel partners and customers to help introduce buyers and sellers of IT solutions.

Using the UK as a test launch area we worked with the IBM Mid Market Marketing and Sales teams, MSP's, ISV's, business partners, resellers and distributors to create a site structure framework that would address the needs of all parties and stakeholders. Given this site needed to be easy to navigate and access, yet also allow for third party uploading of information the auditing and UI/UX elements were considerable.

Having creating a user friendly framework and robust set of wireframes we then designed and built the site. Following successful user testing we also engaged in a recruitment drive to ensure the third party population of the site. Following a soft launch in late 2013, 2014 will see the site promoted to IBM customers with a view to it being rolled out globally to support IBM's global ambitions for their partner network.


Over 300, or 80% of, channel partners actively using the portal.

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