SmartCloud Managed Backup


SCMB(SmartCloud Managed Backup) is also part of the IBM Resiliency suite of services and was to act as a follow on to the VSR campaign. Top Accounts were once again the target market for this campaign. Unlike VSR, there are many competitors to cloud backup in the market and we needed to differentiate the marketing approach. IBM, as a global vendor, can offer scalability and automation, managing growth through solutions that are proven and consistent.

The objective of this campaign was to make Top Accounts aware that IBM offered a Cloud Managed Backup Solution, encourage them to learn more and to get in touch with IBM.


Several concepts were presented to IBM such as Be Prepared, A rock solid back-up plan and Plan B. The concept of Be Prepared was agreed upon and each aspect of the campaign was given a unique element. The most prominent of the unique elements was the use of AR(Augmented Reality) with the DM (direct mail) piece.

The use of AR was ideal for the DM because it was a commonplace product, an umbrella, and the box gave a large printing surface. The AR added a surprising element to an otherwise forgettable product. The audience downloaded an AR app and held it over the image on the front of a box of a sunny day, using the experience to play a video storm clouds appeared to gather, linking to the concept of “Be Prepared” with an umbrella within the box.

A QR code and URL on the box linked through to the mobile responsive website where the audience could access more information on SCMB and download whitepapers and watch a video about IBM Resiliency Services. 


The campaign was recently launched, and full results have not yet been collected.

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